Producing And Recording Drums


Follow Professional Drummer Matt Starr As He Walks You Through His Complete Process Of Recording And Producing Drums:

From hearing the song for the first time, collecting ideas and choosing drum patterns, to drum setup and mic choices, all the way to the final recording.

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Meet Your Mentor:

Matt Starr

Matt Starr has recorded and toured with Mr. Big, Ace Frehley (KISS), Beautiful Creatures, as well as members of Guns ´N Roses, Whitesnake, Bon Jovi, and more.

In addition to being an accomplished touring and recording musician, Matt has been teaching drumming and production for the last 20 years. Matt draws from real world experience to give you practical and useful direction for maximum growth and success — Which makes him not only a great drummer and producer, but also an excellent teacher!


Learn how to build a kit that will sound great on recordings and blend well with the song:

  • Matt explains his drum kit choice and shares his philosophy behind picking the right components to create a huge drum sound: kick, snare, cymbals, toms, heads and pedals.
  • Learn how to use additional tools and techniques to tweak your drum sound further:
    - Controlling the ring of your toms and snare.
    - Making your kit and toms sound cohesive.
    - Keep your snare tuning consistent through longer recording sessions and live events.


The goal of every drummer and engineer should be to create recordings that sound as close to the final record as possible. This course will show you how!

Drum Recording
  • Matt walks you through his mic choices for Overheads, Kick, Snare, Toms and Room-mics, as well as mic pres and processing (EQs and Compressors) in the recording chain.
  • Learn how to keep multi -mic’d drums in phase.
  • Create a signature sound for your drums:
    Learn special micing techniques you can use to give your drums more character, attack, or alter the tone of your room mics.


Find the right drum patters. Arrange your drums so they’ll compliment the song, add energy and get your listeners excited.

As musicians, we often hope we’ll get to the studio and magic will happen. Unfortunately that’s not always the case.
Being a professional drummer and making great records on a regular basis comes down to experience and making the right decisions.

Matt lets you get inside his head and gives you an in-depth explanation of his thought process when arranging drums and making creative choices:

" To arrange killer drum tracks, you have to stop being a drummer and start being a producer in your own performance.“

You’ll get to virtually sit in on a session and see his complete workflow: All the way from first listening to the song, gathering ideas, testing them and refining his performance:

  • Find drum patters that compliment the song and production.
  • Playing off of different instruments and riffs: Support other instruments by acknowledging their melody and rhythm.
  • How to help the song build and progress through different sections.
  • Create recognisable drum patterns/hooks that people will remember.
  • Repeating patters vs. developing patterns over the course of the song: increase energy, while keeping your patterns recognisable.
  • Performing your ideas, listening back and making final tweaks. 


If you want to become a professional drummer or session musician, your mind-set and communication skills are absolutely crucial to your success: They can be the deciding factor between being appreciated and hired on a regular basis or being the guy that just fills in once— and gets forgotten.

Matt will teach you how to communicate with your producer to make sure he sees you as a valuable asset and keeps coming back to you — over and over again.

Drum Takes, Samples, Demo-Track (Play-along) and Pro tools session included:

We’re including the .wav files of all drum takes, the demo track Matt recorded his drums to, custom drum samples taken directly from Matt’s kit, as well as the final Pro Tools session with this course.

You’ll be able to study and edit his takes, use the samples to spice up your drum sound, or record your own drums to the demo track.

Drum Samples, Drum Recordings, Pro Tools Session


  1. Matt’s special technique on writing charts:
    Write charts that allow creative freedom, while still being able to follow the song progression easily.
  2. How to create clean samples from your drum-kit:
    Replace your drums with clean samples, remove bleed, or fix inconsistent hits while maintaining the character and personality of your drum-kit.
  3. Get inspired by playing an over-the-top take.


What Matt´s Students are Saying:

"When Matt took me on as a student, I was stoked! But it wasn't that he was THE drummer for my childhood idol Ace Frehley that I sought him out. It wasn't so much that he was a top rock drummer. It was that he is ALWAYS wanting & willing to learn like his students. So, in a way Matt is still a student himself. Matt is very patient & is always boosting my confidence on getting in front people to play. He never shows anything but respect to me & and above all he treats me like he's known me all of his life, which is good cause I was scared as hell the first lesson we had. The guy has what I needed & what everybody needs in a teacher. Compassion, passion, patience & understanding. So, when you look for a drum teacher I say "Go with Matt Starr he will take you far"! To quote Matt ~"Hit the drums hard"


Thanks Matt! You rule my friend!"

- Chris Waid (Tulsa, Oklahoma)

"My son had a Skype lesson from Matt a few weeks ago. Reckons he learned more in an hour than in 4 yrs practicing and gigging. Highly recommended."

- Keith Livingstone (Belfast, UK)


  • Mixing Drums Tutorial By Warren Huart

    Warren will mix Matt Starr’s untreated drum recordings right in front of you and explain all the techniques he uses to get them to sound huge and sit well in the final mix.

  • Drum Prep with Ross, the "Drum Doctor"

    Ross is the go-to guy if you want to create the prefect drum sound for your kit. He has worked with some of the biggest bands and artists to ever walk this earth:

    You’ll hear the drums he has selected, prepped and tuned on Nirvanas classic „Nevermind“ and Metallica’s „Black Album“. He has worked with Michael Jackson,  Johnny Cash, Bob Dylan, Slipknot, Steve Wonder and many more.

    Warren interviews Ross, as he’s prepping and tuning a drum kit for a recording session.

    This is a total must-see for every drummer!

  • Live Webinar With Matt Starr And Warren Huart

    Connect with your mentors directly:

    You’ll get to attend a live webinar with Matt and Warren, where you can ask any questions you have about the course, drumming techniques, production, recording or mixing.

    Learn from professionals first hand and take your skills to the next level!


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  • Drum Multitracks + Playalong
  • Protools Session
  • Matt´s Custom Drum Samples
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