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The best way to step up your skills is by learning from accomplished mentors. Nashville is a highly competitive music city where, if are not an outstanding musician, you won’t even be considered to record or go on tour.

With this bundle, you’ll learn the recording and music production techniques of 3 professional bass players and producers who’ve managed to make it in Nashville.

Learn how to come up with groovy bass lines that complement the song and musical vision of the producer and artist. Watch as successful producers teach you tried and true recording techniques, how to dial in great tones, and how to craft captivating songs and arrangements your listeners will fall in love with.

These courses show you exactly how you can make a living from music in the modern audio industry – by learning from experienced pros who are already doing it!

Meet Your Mentors:

Amos Heller:

Keeper of the low end for Taylor Swift since 2007.

Growing up as an upright orchestral bass player in Virginia, Amos picked up Electric Bass at 13. Even though making a name for himself and getting a decent amount of studio work in Virginia,  Amos’ dream was to go on tour and play the BIG shows. “I’d see a tour bus roll through town, and I would want to be on it.”

Figuring that “one must be present to win,” Amos moved to Nashville with next to nothing, waiting tables and doing roadie work, but jumping on any opportunity to make music.
Only two years later, he had worked his way up to touring and recording for Josh Gracin, Rhett Akins, and Mindy MacCready and has been touring and recording bassist for megastar Taylor Swift since 2007.

Steve Cook:

A bass player’s bass player.

Over the last 14 years, Steve has been a household name in Nashville both as a touring and session bass player and producer.
Being referred to as ‘A bass player’s bass player’ for his solid, uncompromising groove, taste, and energy, Steve has shared the stage with many luminaries in the music world, in a wide variety of genres. 

He has recorded or performed with Luke Bryan, Frankie Ballard, Pat Green, Keb’ Mo’, Sarah Bettens (of k’s Choice), Gretchen Wilson, Sister Hazel, Steve Cropper, Hootie and the Blowfish, Trent Tomlinson, Bucky Covington, and Edwin McCain. He currently tours and records with award-winning singer/songwriter Phil Vassar and made appearances on ABC’s hit show ‘Nashville’. 

You're Not My Dad:

Nashville Music Production Duo.

The production duo consisting of Bassist Jackson Eppley & Guitarist and Engineer Ryan Truso is a Nashville success story: They are sought after session musicians, producers and songwriters for Film and TV. They've learnt to adapt with the ever changing industry and are a testament to what musicians, producers songwriters and engineers are now doing to make a good living from music – not just in Nashville but all over the world!

Credits Include: Jeremy Camp, Tonic, Landon Pigg, Lindi Ortega, David Nail, Kimberley Locke, James Otto, Course of Nature, and Charles Walker. Their compositions have been featured on countless TV Networks, such as Showtime, Discovery Channel, ABC, FX and ESPN.

Courses Included In This Bundle:

Home Studio Bass Recording & Production

with Taylor Swift Bassist Amos Heller

Working remotely from your home studio has become a huge source of income for musicians over the past couple of years.

Taylor Swift Bassist Amos Heller shows you how to record pro-sounding bass in your home studio, and come up with parts, grooves and phrasing that complements the producer's and artist's vision of the song, so they'll be excited about out work and hire you over and over again.

Tracking bass to the Pop/Folk song ’Down, Down, Down’ by Ellery, Amos teaches you different playing techniques to shape your bass tone and gives you a detailed breakdown his go-to recording chain. He also shows you his favorite basses and pedals, explains their unique characteristics and which genres and styles he likes to use them for.

Topics covered in this course:

  • Writing a ‘Nashville Numbers Chart’ that makes it easy to follow the song and nail your performance.
  • Finding the perfect bass tone for the song: Pick a bass and amp tone that fits the arrangement, instrumentation and style of the song.
  • Amos go-to recording chain explained: amps, pre-amps, compressors and favorite pedals.
  • How to get a wide variety of sounds out of a small setup that’s easy to take on the road.
  • Arrangement/Production choices: Amos goes into detail of creating parts, grooves and phrasing that fit and enhance the arrangement of the song, and explains how create tension & energy, convey emotions and help the song build and progress.
  • Complement the vision of the song: Playing off of different instruments and finding baselines that support the lead vocal.
  • Tips for improving your groove and locking in with the drums.
  • Playing techniques: Shape your sound by using multiple advanced playing techniques.

Producing Country Music

with ‘You're Not My Dad‘

Production duo ‘You’re Not My Dad’ featuring bassist Jackson Eppley and guitarist/engineer Ryan Truso give you a complete breakdown of their production for the modern Country song ‘Day Drunk In Reno’.

Watch them track bass and pedal steel guitar live, as they share their thought process behind producing songs, crafting a captivating arrangement and how to come up with complementary parts and textures to fill out the song. They also give you a complete mix-breakdown of the song and share the mixing techniques they’ve used to make it sound punchy, open and natural.

Topics covered in this course:

  • Recording various basses and their characteristics: P-Bass, Univox & Jazz Bass.
  • Bass Tips: What makes a great bass part? How to become a sought after bass player? Locking in the groove, playing techniques, finger practice, dealing with artist and clients and more.
  • Workflow and thought process behind producing songs: Coming up with parts, arrangement & textures.
  • Miking techniques & Signal chains: Learn how to record Drums, Organ, Guitar and Bass.
  • Complete Mix breakdown: Learn the techniques to craft a polished and full sounding mix: 
EQ, Compression, Parallel compression, Saturation, Transient Design, Delay Reverb, Limiting & Master bus treatment.
  • Editing & Comping: Picking the best parts of a performance that’ll help song to build and progress.
  • How to interact with artists, A&Rs and labels: finding a good balance.

Producing R&B
Remote Bass Sessions

with Steve Cook

Nashville bassist and producer Steve Cook takes you inside his production of the R&B/Soul song 'Leave A Light On' and shares his workflow and philosophy behind it: How to come up with parts, find the right pocket and and craft a song that breaths and grabs the listeners emotionally.

He also discusses what it takes to find success as a musician/bassist, shows off his favourite basses and recording chains, and teaches you how you can make a side income from online session work.

Topics covered in this course:

  • Producing a soulful R&B song – Finding the great groove, captivating parts and arrangement that grabs your listeners emotionally.
  • Mixing Techniques: Compression, EQ, Emulating vintage and analogue sound, Widening, Multiband Compression, Delay, Reverb

  • What makes a great bass part? How to deliver a great performance that fits the vibe of the song.
  • How to deal with clients and producers, so they keep hiring you over and over again.
  • Working remotely: Make a side income by finding online work.
  • Go-to bass chain: How to get a big bass sound from a small setup.
  • Favourite basses and their characteristics.
  • Bass Playing Tips: Unusual playing techniques that can help you take our bass playing to the next level.

Multitracks & Stems Included

We've included multitrack sessions and and stems of the three songs covered in this course, so you can study the arrangement and production, mix the songs and track your own bass lines!

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Home Studio Bass Recording with Amos Heller
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  • Recording Bass In Your Home Studio with Amos Heller
  • Amos Bass Takes + Multitracks of the Pop/Folk song 'Down, Down, Down'
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Producing Country Music with 'Your're Not My Dad'
$47Instant Access
  • Producing Country Music with 'You're Not My Dad'
  • Multitracks of the modern Country song ‘Day Drunk In Reno'
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Producing R&B & Remote Sessions with Steve Cook
$47Instant Access
  • Producing R&B & Remote Bass Sessions with Steve Cook
  • Steve's Bass Takes + Multitracks of the R&S/Soul song 'Leave Your Light On'
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I've just recently discovered the Produce Like A Pro YouTube channel and have been trying to soak up all the information as fast I can. I am incredibly grateful for all the wonderful material you put up; both in the quality of the delivery and in the quality of the content I am quite amazed. 


Warren, your videos are AMAZING and I had to shoot you a note!! I studied jazz and went through the music production program at the USC Thornton School of Music. I absolutely love your channel and all of the advice you share with the world!


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