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Meet Your Mentor:

Tony Franklin:

Known as the “Fretless Monster”, Tony Franklin has played alongside some of the greatest names in music history. He got his big break in 1984 as bassist in stellar supergroup The Firm, with guitar legend Jimmy Page, vocalist Paul Rodgers and drummer Chris Slade (AC/DC). Franklin’s signature fretless growl was a distinctive and instantly recognizable element of the band’s first hit, Radioactive. After two hit albums and substantial touring with The Firm, Franklin subsequently performed with Blue Murder (John Sykes, Carmine Appice), David Gilmour, Kate Bush, Whitesnake, Roy Harper, Donna Lewis, Kenny Wayne Shepherd and many others. An in-demand session musician, he has appeared on hundreds of albums. 

In January 2006, Fender proudly introduced the Tony Franklin Signature Model Fretless Precision Bass, a replica of the instrument Franklin has used throughout his career.


"You are listening to every single instrument and you are laying down something that becomes hypnotic, invisible – a pulse that holds everything and supports everything else."

What You'll Learn:

Get the real-life view of how session-ace Tony Franklin records bass to tracks he has never heard before. Learn his decision making process, playing techniques, dialing in a great bass tone and creating parts, grooves and phrasing that fit the song. Gain insights into Tony's recording, editing and tweaking process, see how he writes charts and preps for sessions.

3 Songs, 3 Styles.

Watch Tony lay down bass on 3 different songs in 3 different genres:

- Country
- Pop/Rock
- Piano-Vocal Ballad

Learn different approaches to each style, including fretless and fretted bass techniques,  playing finger style and with the pick.

Be Perfectly Prepared For Any Recording Session

From setup, tuning and ensuring your bass is in perfect recording condition, to writing charts that make it easy to follow the song and nail your performance.

Tony shows you how to be perfectly prepared for any recording session, so you are relaxed and confident and ready to deliver the goods!

Create The Ideal Sound For Each Song

There are many different ways to get the sound you're looking for, but solely relying on equipment and effects to create the perfect tone can be tiresome and expensive! As any pro would tell you: “It’s all in your hands!”

Learn Tony’s go-to bass chain that he has used on countless recordings – and how to shape the tone and character of your bass with picking techniques, fingering styles, hand positioning and pickup positions instead of reaching for your amp.

Refinement & Editing:

Enhance your tracks by fine-tuning your performance, overdubbing, editing and comping your best takes.

Plus A Whole Lot More

Multitracks & Play-alongs Included

We've included multitrack sessions and play-alongs of all 3 songs Tony tracked bass to, so you can study his takes, practice editing and record your own bass lines!

This Course Has The Power To Change Your Bass Playing Forever

Elevate your skills by learning from an highly experienced pro first hand:
Tony has played on over 150 albums and toured with some of the best musicians in the world for many years: From Jimmy Page, to Paul Rodgers and Whitesnake.

Isn't that the kind of mentor you want to learn from ? 

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Buy Now for $57

Bonus Videos:

Famous Bass Riffs:

Tony shows you how to play famous bass riffs by Blue Murder, The Firm and Led Zeppelin.


Tony shares funny insider stories of how he got started in music, meeting Queen bassist John Deacon and talks favorite basses, pick-ups, bridges, amps, and the origin of his signature bass line with Fender.

He also discusses which basses lend themselves to playing live vs playing in the studio:
“Big bottoms are not always the best thing! [laughs]”


I've just recently discovered the Produce Like A Pro YouTube channel and have been trying to soak up all the information as fast I can. I am incredibly grateful for all the wonderful material you put up; both in the quality of the delivery and in the quality of the content I am quite amazed. 


Warren, your videos are AMAZING and I had to shoot you a note!! I studied jazz and went through the music production program at the USC Thornton School of Music. I absolutely love your channel and all of the advice you share with the world!


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Frequently Asked Questions

Is this a streaming site? Can I download the files? +

Producing & Recording Bass is a collection of downloadable zip files. These downloads are yours for life! We are working on a streaming solution for future release. We will contact you via email once the members area launches. 😉

What if I run out of downloads? +

If you have any issues at all please contact us to support[at] and we'll get you taken care of right away!

Is this course only for Pro Tools users? +

No way! While we do use Pro Tools, in today's world of DAW's, there is no "correct" choice. You can get great bass recordings and easily edit and comp your performance in any major DAW like Logic, Cubase, Reaper, and many others.

Are there any multitrack files included? +

Absolutely. 24 bit high quality wav files for your recording pleasure. 😉 We also include High quality play-alongs of all 3 songs.

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